Originally founded in 1935 at Souk Al Tawileh, Zahar started as a concept store specialized in women and children’s clothing. The shop split into Zahar Lingerie and Zahar Kids not long after, creating the foundation for two boutiques that have welcomed generations of shoppers for decades.

In 2019, to keep up with the changing times and the changing needs of clients, Zahar Lingerie rebranded into Secret Senses by Zahar, maintaining its established legacy and expanding the variety of its products.

Tastefully refined and diverse, Secret Senses is the choice destination for ladies seeking luxury lingerie, comfortable nightwear, and stylish swimwear. With a wide scope of international brands to choose from, women are offered optimal comfort, elegant detailing and superior quality.

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Established Date: 1935
Operating Countries: 1
Number of Outlets: 4

Operating Stores

Lebanon: ABC Achrafieh, ABC Dbayeh, ABC Verdun, Tripoli

Brand Mix